Welcome to By visiting our site you have made a huge step forward in your PTC online business. We are the team of experts in online PTC industry will guide you to get direct referrals in any PTC site at free of cost.

Why Direct Referrals are so important and how to earn 100x faster money by having them?

Direct Referrals (DRs) are just like auto money generating machines which will give you lots of money. You will earn commissions when they click ads or do minijobs. If you have many referrals and they are active, then you will earn huge income from PTC sites. These referrals will rocket up your daily earnings. They are the backbone of your PTC income. If you have DRs then you donot have to worry about buying any Rented Referrals or pay any renewal fees.

By simply viewing advertisement in PTC sites you cannot earn a significant amount of money. So you need to have direct referrals to earn 100x faster money. However the problem is many of you don't know how to get active direct referrals. So if you are one of them and still strugling to get Direct Referrals, our expert team after doing a lot of research and hardwork present you a guide book named ‘Secrect Ways To Get Direct Referrals’ with a nominal cost which will show you great ways to get Direct Referrals.


You can apply the techniques mentioned in this guide book to any website like PTC, GPT, Survey Sites, Coin Faucets, Traffic Exchange etc which have referral system.

What are the topics covered in ‘Secrect Ways to Get Direct Referrals’ ?

  • Basic knowledge about PTC site and how many ways you can earn from PTC sites
  • 20 Secret ways to get active Direct Referrals (Both Free ways and Paid ways mentioned)
  • How to maintain and active your Direct Referrals for long time ?
  • List of top 10 PTC sites in 2017 as per members reviews
  • Best 10 free easy ways to earn online $2000 + per month besides PTC sites

If you are serious about getting DRs then this the guide book you need to have a look. Many people from different country are waiting to be your referral , try our easy methods and recruit them.


If after trying the methods described in our guide book you are not getting direct referrals or you are not able to earn more money then simply contact us for a refund, we will give you a full refund.

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Please note that this is not a physical book, it is a e-book in pdf format. We will delever this e-book to your email id within 24hrs of making successful payment.



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